Performance and Competitiveness

RPO*, boosting competitive advantage

Are you seeking to outsource all or part of your recruitment, or to obtain additional ready to go support ?

RosaParks Solutions works to strengthen your brand as an employer and attract the people you need to build your business. Helping you to recruit and retain top talent and to optimize your ROI. RPO guarantees value creation for your business, in terms of times, expense and quality.

Expertise to help you attract and retrain the talent the roll out of your company’s strategy needs.

As part of RosaParks Consulting, RosaParks Solutions handles outsourced recruitment processes (RPO*) an outsourced HR support functions (TBO**)

How can you attract the best talent and reduce recruitment costs ?

RPO gives you the tailor-made and scalable support with methodologies, technologies and skills that you need. Your dedicated project team (on and off site) will make sure that the service we provide is adapted to your requirements and in line with your business strategy.

RPO, Gestion externalisée du processus de recrutement

* RPO : Recruitement Process Outsourcing

**TBO : Total Benefits Outsourcing