Our vision

our expertise: to reccomend, assess, recruit, train and guide our clients and their employees through their career cycle.

What we do

Our role is to provide support to our customers in all areas of HR.
We are able to assist in all domains of Human Resources and help our clients to address issues such as performance and competitiveness in relation to employment and skills.
We are structured around three main fields of expertise:
• Recruiting of executives and leaders
• Human Resources Consulting
• Publishing management and HR performance software

Our values

A survey among our customers found that the four values they most associated with us were: Expertise, Reliability, Integrity and Responsiveness.

Our team

I have almost ten years’ experience as a Human Resources Director, first of all in the media sector, then in IT Engineering, in a context of change and development on an international scale (spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, rapid growth, etc.).
For over 6 years, I worked with the leaders in distribution and integration of 3D solutions in their human resources development projects. In 2014, the growing demand from clients to work with responsive, specialized, expert partners, along with my own desire to create something new led me to set up Rosa Parks Consulting.My goal is to strengthen our role as Specialist Experts in HR consulting and in recruiting Information Systems-related profiles, to support our customers in their growth.